ISP Development, Operation & Management

ISP Development, Operation & Management

Community Connections offers all of the expertise and experience necessary to develop, configure and operate your ISP including subscriber support, technical maintenance, marketing concepts and more.  Since 1996 CCI has assisted many local broadband operations with a host of services.

  • Broadband ISP System Development

  • We specialize in the technical and marketing planning necessary to keep your Internet services running smoothly. From the necessary telecommunications connections, hardware and software configuration to website development and more ... we can put it all together for you.  We provide 24 X 7 monitoring of your equipment and networks on an ongoing basis and we are generally aware of network problems before you are. Although we work on all kinds of equipment, we specialize in configuration and management of Linux servers, Brocade and CISCO routers and switches, DHCPatriot DHCP servers and a number of fiber platforms, video, data and voice delivery.
  • Subscriber Support Services

  • Nothing is more important to your ISP subscribers than the quality of support services offered. Our goal at the Help Desk is to provide 24 X 7 technical support that surpasses your customer's expectations. Our Help Desk technicians are trained to focus on solving your customer's problems -- whatever they may be (Broadband, Wireless, IPTV, VIO). We do not measure productivity at the Help Desk by the number of calls handled but rather by the number of problems solved. Our people pride themselves in preventing "truck-rolls".
  • Clients

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