Silly Information About Us

At CCI, we believe our greatest strength is our staff. We are a small company dedicated to personal service. To help you get to know us, here's some important background information on our key personnel.
  • Bryce Pringle:   Bryce claims to have left public accounting and business management to help found CCI in order to find a job that doesn't require a tie. We think Bryce's greatest strength is his ability to look at things from the client's perspective. (Plus, in keeping with our high EEO standards, he fulfills our need for a Kansas native on staff.)

  • Brad Hartman:   Brad hails from Minnesota originally and left the field of broadcasting to begin CCI. We like the promotional and marketing ideas he brings our clients. (Brad has become an expert on the backroad diners in Nebraska while installing Internet services the last few years.)

  • Mike Elliot:   Mike is our Linux server guy and can "grep" with the best of-em.  In his spare time, Mike engineers Nebraska Huskers sports radio broadcasts! (Several companies have competed for his lucrative cellular phone contract.)

  • Andy Dinges:   Andy is our Director of Subscriber Support Services. It's his job to work with our support staff and help them help the subscribers. It also means he needs to know how to network an Apple IIe to a Windows 3.1 machine.

  • Melissa Chambers:   Melissa is another of the friendly voices heard at our Subscriber Support desk.  Melissa is known for her patience with customers and once waited over an hour while a customer took a nap!

  • Fran Philips:   Fran is the steady "rock" of the Help Desk. She's always there and ready to help. Plus, she sends the prettiest emails you'd ever hope to see.

  • Brian Shenkle:  Brian regularly handles the strangest calls that the Help Desk receives and recently coached a frustrated customer on installing a new flapper valve in his toilet.

  • Annette Beason:   Annette left the wonderful world of "food service" in 2007 to join us after working part-time for several months.  The ever- resourceful Nettie has solved customer connection problems that none of us even knew existed!

  • Chad Eriksen:   Our webmaster and resident gymnast, can supposedly operate Photoshop and Dreamweaver from the still rings or while astride one of his two motorcycles.

  • Mari Malone Mari saw the light in 2008 and joined our team after having learned the trade working for one of the "big boys".   She claims to have been the one that discovered that all customer problems could not be solved in the 15 minutes that were allowed by her ex-employer!

  • Matt Terry Matt is the only member of our group that has taken Help Desk calls while in Germany.  He prides himself on "keeping on the move" and currently resides and works in California!

  • Ryan Mackling:   Ryan is a Nebraska native and takes his allegiance to Cornhuskers football very seriously. Concerned family and friends were nearly forced to issue an Amber Alert for him after a recent Husker loss! 

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Friday, April 20, 2018
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