FREE Non-Profit "Home Page" Services
Let us Host your Group's Internet Home Page!

As part of our service to the communities where we operate, we are delighted to offer free Internet HomePage space for any local non-profit organization. That means you can have a FREE Internet HomePage for your Church, your Boy Scout Troop or your Service Club ... any local not-for-profit organization in regions where we operate Internet services!

Here's How It Works:

1. Work on developing your Internet HomePage. We need to receive your HomePage in standard Internet HTML format along with appropriate graphics files. Check among members of your organization and you're likely to find someone who is able to create these types of files. [If you'd like us to create the page for you, we can do that at a reasonable cost.]

2. Tell us you're ready! E-Mail Us and tell us the name of your organization and we'll make arrangements to get your pages posted on the Internet for everyone to see! We'll load the pages for you, or create File Transfer rights (FTP) allowing you to upload and edit your pages anytime yourself. We'll also create links to your page from our Community Groups menu.

That's all there is to it!


Free Internet HomePage address will likely be something like: "". (We can also arrange for a "virtual domain name" for your site, making your internet address "", however some programming and hosting fees would apply. Contact us for more information.
Dial-up Internet subscription not included in price.
Free non-profit pages cannot be used to solicit contributions.
Free non-profit pages are not available to government or government-funded organizations.
Offer valid for organizations in regions where Community Connections operates Internet services in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri.
CCI reserves the right to edit or refuse pages if content or links are determined to be objectionable or inappropriate.
CCI reserves the right to edit or remove pages if access exceeds reasonable levels.

Click Here to request more specific information about your free non-profit Internet Home Page.