Commercial Web Site and E-Commerce Services
Let us Host your Commercial Internet Web Site for as little as $35 per month!

Millions of businesses large and small are harnessing the power of online marketing and we're dedicated to creating a valuable online presence for businesses in the communities we serve. Having your HomePage here puts it right in front of the people you want to reach.


We know that each business is unique and has specific needs for online marketing, therefore "standard" pricing for services is difficult to estimate. Talk to us about your specific needs, or let us customize pricing for you (see Custom Pricing below).

Remember, the most effective Web Sites are those that:

Change and Update Frequently

Offer many ways for potential customers to interact with the business

Have elements of fun

Offer helpful, current information

Are attractively displayed, but use reasonable graphic sizes for fast page-loading

Are properly coded and registered on the Internet so your potential customers easily find you




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Web Site Hosting Fees. This is the cost to have your Internet pages on our server complete with links from our system pages allowing our subscribers quick and easy access to you. Plus, all commercial WWW page clients also receive complimentary rotation in our "sponsorlink" banner from the system homepages appropriate for their location!

Number of Pages One-Time Activation Fee Monthly Fee
1-3 $65 $35*
4-10 $35 $60
11 or more $0 $100

* If you already have a homepage on the Internet and would like to appear in our homepage "sponsorlink" banner rotation and business listings, fees are the same as a single web page ($35/month).

HTML Creation Fees [optional]. Prices for creating each "typical" HTML Page including scanning logos, photographs, creating links, etc. Of course, if you have these files created elsewhere, fees do not apply.

Number of Pages in Project Fee
1 or 2 $85 per page
3-10 $40 per page
11 or more $30 per page

Additional Services Available [optional]. There are a wide variety of special services available to make your site more appealing, functional and profitable. Here are a few. Of course, these sorts of services can be added at a later date as well.

Description Fees
E-Commerce Solutions.  No two businesses are alike and neither are their E-Commerce needs.  We offer full E-Commerce solutions including inventory databases, "shopping cart" technology, secure server credit card transactions and more.  (See "Shopping Cart" and "Secure Server" below.) Talk with us about building a site which you can update, which builds customer loyalty and encourages ongoing communication between you and your clients.  Click to see some of what we've done! Variable

Virtual Domain Activation & Hosting. This allows the Internet address of your HomePage to be "" or something similar. Likewise, your e-mail address would be "". Note: You will be charged an additional $35 fee directly from Network Solutions to register the site in your name and for the first year, then $35 each following year. This option also includes a helpful statistics page to track access to your site.

$150 one-time


$20 per month

Permission Marketing Newsletter.  Permission Marketing refers to the marketing concept of getting your customers and potential customers to give you "permission" to send them regular e-mail pieces that promote your products and services.  The newsletter can also be used to build better and stronger relationships with your customers by staying in touch and providing valuable and helpful information to them.

Click here for information on KWIKMAILER 
Microsoft FrontPage Access.  If you'd like to use Microsoft FrontPage to create and publish your site include support for FrontPage 2000 extensions. $0
FTP Access. [File Transfer Protocol]. Gives you access to add, delete and update your pages at any time. $0
Secure Server. Allows your customers to place credit card orders to you online via secure server connection. $10 per month
Shopping Cart System. The "online store" which allows customers to browse inventory, selecting items to place in a "shopping cart" then check out via secure order form. You will be able to manage your online store by adding and deleting products, uploading images, managing prices, etc.
Item Quan. One-Time Monthly
1-25 $250 $10
26-100 $500 $20
101+ $1000 $40
HTML Forms. We can create online forms for your customers to complete, helping them to do business with you. Ask questions about buying habits or income .. let them order products online or request additional information. Data gathered is delivered to you by e-mail. $75 one-time


Custom Graphics. We can create custom graphics, logos or other images to your specifications. on request
Domain Specific E-Mail Accounts.  Up to 10 accounts included.  Additional accounts available for $4 per month.  
Custom Programming. If you'd like to show a database of your available inventory, a way for Internet users to view your product by type, create an "online mall" of your store or other creative ideas ... custom programming is the answer. Talk to us about your ideas. on request
Maintenance.  Depending on the needs of the customer, CCI's websites are designed to allow as much self-maintenance as possible.  Major maintenance tasks and site re-do's will be charged at our standard hourly rate of $75. on request

Custom Pricing. CLICK HERE to complete our online client survey so we can create a custom strategy and pricing for your business. Click Here to see some recent samples of our work.



  • Dial-up Internet access subscription is not included in prices.
  • CCI reserves the right to edit or refuse pages if content or links are determined to be objectionable.
  • CCI reserves the right to edit or remove pages if access or file space consumption exceed reasonable levels in accordance with Acceptable Use Policy.

to complete our online client survey
 so we can create
a custom strategy and pricing
 for your business.

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